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Water Fed Pole

We offer a range of professional exterior cleaning services for residential, commercial and industrial clients, including internal and external window cleaning.
Our HOT ‘’Water Fed Pole’’ system allows us to clean up to 60 feet high with our feet firmly on the ground. Not only this way is safer but it if often means we do not need expensive cherry pickers or scaffoldings - savings we can pass on to you! We offer residential window cleaning a regular monthly or bi-monthly basis and tailor service packages to suit larger projects and commercial clients.

More Window Cleaning Benefits

Right Care Group window cleaners use reach & wash system

It cleans up to 60 Feet (5+ floors)

It cleans with greater efficiency

It reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease

It is environmentally friendly window cleaning - no chemicals used

Our services include: UPVC, Atria, signs, panelling, cladding, facades and glass roofs cleaning to a spot-free finish

We clean windows, window frames, window sills and doors top to bottom, front to back all way around

In order to maintain clean windows, it is advisable to clean windows every 4 weeks

After the cleaning, windows are going to be left wet in order to dry naturally to spotless and stripleless finish

It eliminates ladders, cherry pickers and cradles

Operators work from the safety of the ground (100% Safe)

Maintains privacy and reduces disturbances

Saves clients money

How our “Water Fed Pole” system works

Our state-of-the-art water fed pole window cleaning system allows us to clean up to 60 feet (5+ floors) high using ultra lightweight telescopic poles and specially designed soft brushes. In our vans we carry a tank of ultra purified water and using a small pump this water is fed through a heater system (Hot water cleans better!) along the hose and up the pole to the brush. The brush helps to agitate any heavy deposits on the glass, and the constant flow of pure water rinses the dirt away.

Because there are no detergent residues, and all minerals, chemicals and sediment have been removed from the water by our filtration system – the glass dries naturally without any spots or streaks!

Window Cleaning Prices

Small Window

£ 3

Double Window

£ 4

Triple Window

£ 5

Sash Window

£ 4

Small Bay Window

£ 6

Large Bay Window

£ 8


£ 4

French Door

£ 8


£ 4


£ 2


£ 40-60

Single Garage Door

£ 5

Double Garage Door

£ 7

First clean and one off window cleaning charges may vary depending on window conditions. Customer will be notified of this prior to the commencement of any clean.

Window cleaning inside options are available. For internal window cleaning please times the price of monthly window cleaning above by 2.

The above prices are a guide and based on standard window sizes. 

Price may vary depending on location of the property (price excludes congestion charge and ULEZ)

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